Comprehensive GIS and GPS Services

GIS Mapping and Data Development

With years of experience in mapping technology, our GIS experts deliver the very best GIS data to each client.

Parcel Mapping and Maintenance

Survey research is utilized for all critical base map data layers and provides a solid foundation for your GIS mapping program.

Web and Mobile GIS

GIS programs are only as successful as the method used to maintain them and we believe every client should have a reliable, easy to use GIS.

Geographic Information System

GIS is an acronym for Geographic Information System. Many times we stop at the word “Geographic” so this is where the emphasis tends to be with GIS but let me challenge this thinking. The keyword in GIS is actually the word INFORMATION. Information equals Data. Without information GIS is dead. Where does information in your organization come from? What are your data sources? Meter data, Customer Information System (CIS), Engineering Analysis, Staking, Asset Management, Billing Information, Outage Management (OMS), Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), base electric model, etc. These data sources make the skeleton for the GIS. Depending on the industry the data sources could be different. Any of those data sources critical to your organization? In other industries demographic data, sociological data, urban zone data, forestry data, biological data, water shed data, elevation data, etc. might be extremely important. All of these data sources flow into the GIS as part of the INFORMATION component.

Information and the quality of the information is the key to the success of the GIS. Without information which is solid there will be difficult times ahead when integrating the GIS into a seamless environment much less realizing the full power of the GIS.

Not having quality information is like building a house with out a center beam. My wife and I have friends who have recently built a custom home. Their contractor was someone they trust unfortunately. The contractor built their house without a center beam.  Somehow this house passed inspection, which could be a topic on another day and on another blog. Our friends moved into the house in the spring and by Christmas of the same year so could visibly see a crack in the dry wall near the ceiling in their front room where the house was settling severely because of this missing beam. I probably do not have tell you how serious of a problem not having the center beam for a house is. “Not Good” is an understatement.

Information is this critical in a GIS. Bad information equals a bad GIS.

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