Line Loss

The Smart Grid

Line Loss Problem

In a letter to U.S. Department of Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Chief Executive Officer Glen English had this to say about distribution system line losses:

“Resistance to the flow of electrical current in the distribution and transmission system causes a portion of energy, typically 7 percent, to be lost in the form of heat, resulting in higher emissions for the same amount of delivered electricity.”

Line Loss Solution

7% of electricity generated is lost during transmission. For years this has simply been an accepted cost of doing business in the utility industry, but as GIS technologies continue to improve there are solutions and systems that can reduce utility line loss.

Causes of Line Loss

Inaccuracy of wholesale metering CT’s & PT’s
No-load losses within the electric system
Inaccuracy of revenue Meters (calibrations, multipliers, defective, age, sizing, etc.)
Energy Thefts
Un-Metered Errors, especially street and security lights
Billing System account set-up errors
Poor power factor
Phase imbalance
Improper primary/secondary conductor size.
Future of Line Loss

The future is clear, the US Federal Government will force utility companies to implement smart grid, GIS enabled, technologies that will reduce inefficiencies not only in Line Loss, but also:

Utility Outages
Utility Billing Systems
On June 13, 2011 the Obama Administration released this press release “Administration Announces Grid Modernization Initiatives to Foster a Clean Energy Economy and Spur Innovation. There were 4 key goals in this announcement:

Better alignment of economic incentives to boost development and deployment of smart-grid technologies
A greater focus on standards and interoperability to enable greater innovation
Empowerment of consumers with enhanced information to save energy, ensure privacy, and shrink bills
Improved grid security and resilience

To learn more about how GIS technology can reduce utility line losses at your utility give us a call or an email, we love a challenge.

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