Outage Management

Outage Management

The number one area of lost revenue in electrical utilities are outages. We can manage these outages more efficiently in the future by utilizing and analyzing the data provided to utilities during the outage(s) from one location. This location is a GIS (Geographical Information System).

Data Sources

Customer Information System (CIS)
Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) / Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI)
Customer utility hotlines
Maps of facilities
GPS in utility vehicles
Weather reports and radar
With the current system, none of these data sources are linked together, creating inefficiency in communication, and requiring more employees and even outsourcing in some situations.


Integration is a necessity for the smart grid initiative. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) make this integration possible by creating a centralized location that analyzes and distributes all the data to their respective locations. It can be monitored and ran by a few employees, making the system efficient and effective.

Outages can be more quickly and easily managed, and restoration time is decreased when the integration and application of a GIS is utilized.

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